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Hellestveit's method

Cecilie Hellestveit: Bad news from the Eastern Front – the war that changed everything

UKRAINE: Everyone is affected by the war in Ukraine: both family finances and official budgets, aid cuts, military rearmament, global energy policy, nuclear policy and not least bloc politics, moreover it creates increased tension around the globe. So where is the overview, or a deeper understanding? Researcher Cecilie Hellestveit has her new book Bad news from the Eastern Front unfortunately carried out a serious 'cherry-picking' of sources and arguments where she conveniently develops backwards what confirms the generally acceptable.

The climate, it's us

Anuna De Wever and Kyra Gantois recorded by Jeroen Olyslaegers, translated by Bodil Engen: We are the climate. A letter to the world

: ACTIVISM: No reason for optimism about the climate, according to the youth generation. Yet this book is full of hope.

Gender without discretion

Knut Kolnar: The male animal – Desire in modern film

: A terrifying example of how bad it can go when you use a fashionable academic theory as a map, and try to adapt the terrain to it.