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When conservatism becomes radicalized

Natasha Strobl: Radicalisierter Konservatismus


The adrenaline rush and the electrified human being

Tristan Garcia: The intense life. A modern obsession

MODERNITY: The selfish pursuit of new extremes and the experience of the present has become a worrying symptom of a modern world going astray. An anxiety for the break and the space?

"There you are, my friend"

Peter Handke: My day in another country

TOWEL: An eternal tension between the individual and the community. With age, has Peter Handke gradually given up on rage?

FASSBINDER AND BJØRNEBOE: "I am mistaken for the most unworthy."

CRISIS, ADVERSITY, RUSS: The 100-year jubilee Jens Bjørneboe and the German film director, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who this year would have turned 75, were both put in the public's yawn. Did this lead to shortened lives for both?