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"A murderous system"

SWEDEN ACTIONS:: Why do the Swedish authorities not cooperate with the UN mechanisms and respect principles of openness, accountability and law when it comes to the Assange case, asks Swedish Arne Ruth.

Systematic persecution, violence and torture against the invisible Chechnya

David France: Welcome to Chechnya

CONTROL: A group of activists risk their lives in the fight against Chechnya's relentless persecution of LGBT people.

"A murderous system is being created"

ASSANGE: "If Julian Assange is convicted, a murderous system is about to arise right before our eyes. It will be the death knell for freedom of the press and the rule of law, "said Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

Stop trade in torture tools

TORTURE: A UN resolution on trade in tools used for torture will bring us one step closer to the goal of a world without torture.

Mexico's vulnerable excavators

Julien Elie: Dark Suns

THREATENED: With life at stake, Mexicans are trying to dig up the bodies of their dead relatives while being threatened by both the cartels and the authorities in a life-threatening terrorist empire.

A descent into the world of torture

Dahlia Hens: Privacy of Wounds

: SYRIA: In a simulated prison cell, in a basement in Oslo, sit three men from Syria. It is a strong political documentary.

They risk life for writing

Kari Klyve-Skaug: Stories about courage

: How often do we read writers who have had to flee war, death threats, torture and imprisonment? But do we really long for a kind of detox from a safe, prosperous, sheltered society?

Guantánamo – Norway and the West's shame

: Serious war crimes have been committed against the prisoners at Guantánamo while Norwegian politicians and the military have remained silent – and thus are co-responsible.

Tortured and killed after being denied asylum in Norway

Torture: Despite warnings, Chechen Apti and Umar were denied asylum and had to leave Norway. The Helsinki Committee and the Memorial say the two were tortured and killed by the Chechen authorities. Are the Norwegian authorities responsible for their subsequent death after denying them political asylum?