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A radical popular movement

: In half a year, "Black Lives Matter" has become a radical, national people's movement.

Near historic relaxation

: Agreement on new nuclear deal in Iran. Next battle in Washington. Success in the negotiations can be crucial for a region in crisis.

propaganda War

: The United States intensifies sanctions against Venezuela and calls the country "a security threat". A failed strategy, according to Latin American researchers.

Afghanistan's uncertain future

: One year after the elections in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani is looking for possible alliance partners and negotiating a peace agreement with the Taliban.

The lies of the warlords

: In this text, John Pilger writes about a "Faustian pact" between war-torn elites that downplays the dangers of Western, modern fascism – aided by propaganda disguised as news.

Skinless between the fronts

Stian Bromark, Halvor Finess Tretvoll: Alone among the many

: Stian Bromark and Halvor Finess Tretvoll have given us an Evensmo biography of the highest class. Alone among the many gives us new keys to post-war Norwegian mentalities – and leftist dilemmas.

With happiness in your eyes

: Before, illegal immigrants went back and forth across the border. Today, they are clinging to the United States.

The failure of the Bay of Pigs

: When John F. Kennedy spurred Cuban refugees to the invasion of the Bay of Pigs just over 40 years ago, the CIA believed that the "liberators" would be met by jubilant Cubans. That's not how it went, he says Arnljot Løseth, associate professor of history at Volda University College.