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Under Brooklyn bridge for #Metoo

: Seven female photographers in a tough macho industry comment on the #Metoo debate by encouraging dialogue.

About those who become injured

: Both Edward Burtynsky and Rune Eraker will create change through photography.

VAGINA! Vulva!

: Vienna: Die Jubiläumsschau shows Egon Schiele's 100-year-old art, where the explicit nude portraits of the woman still provoke.

A rhizomatic world

: ZKM Center for Arts and Media in Karlsruhe will create a greater understanding of the different expressions of media art seen in a historical perspective.

Apocalypse and hope for the future

: The exhibition The Alphabet in Vienna shows Keith Haring's art, which is strongly influenced by his violent contemporaries, where the baby represents the only shining hope.

A vitamin policy peace supplement in the election campaign

: In the middle of the election campaign, an exciting and highly political exhibition opened at Akershus Kunstsenter. Through the Flag follows the bottle, the artist group ANNEX gives us a critical look at the country's treatment of asylum seekers, the affluent society and not least the war nation Norway.

Alternative universes

: In the exhibition Into the Unknown in London, even a 42-year-old mother and her 13-year-old son can find common ground – on a journey through sci-fi history.