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There is hope for better times for the past

Leidulf Melve and Eivind Heldaas Seland: What is global history

HISTORY: National-cultivating historiography has characterized Norway for several decades, but Leidulf Melve and Eivind Heldaas Seland show the way out of disability.

Young adults from the most conflict-ridden areas in the world

Shilan Ahmadian, Ingeborg Aspfors-Sveen, Camilla Bruu Næsmo: Stories about escape

REFUGEES: These are heartbreaking and shocking stories – despite the fact that they appear toned down and without excessive dramatization.

Objective, free / independent, socially responsible, critically investigative, activist, subjective and dialogical

Steen Steensen and Harald Hornmoen: The philosophy of journalism

Journalism: Via the pragmatic philosophy, Steen Steensen and Harald Hornmoen create great relevance and applicability in their thoughtful writing about journalism.

Low crisis awareness and unresolved climate challenges

Ann Karin Larssen, Gjert Lage Dyndal: Strategic management in crisis and crisis. The Norwegian system

CRISIS: The state's crisis management is not enough, as Norway as an oil-producing nation ignores the recommendations that the oil should remain in the ground.

New times for war and evil

: – Time to prevent more use of biological warfare, autonomous weapon systems and mercenaries.

Healthy skepticism about alternative perspectives

Asbjørn Dyrendal, Terje Emberland: What are conspiracy theories?

CONSPIRATION THEORIES: The web abounds in conspiracy theories that can become both a driving force and a tool for political propaganda and suspicion of the other party.

The escape from humanity

Jan Grue: It was once a human being – Posthumanism as thought and tendency

POSTHUMANISM: Jan Grue's essay succeeds as a time picture and critique by virtue of being a personal and ambiguous approach.

Krimmigrasjons policy

Thomas Ugelvik: Social control

: Hot communitarian trends locally can go hand in hand with the development of spider-like surveillance institutions or fence-building nationally and internationally. What is social control?


Azra & Maria Gilani / Ellen Reiss & Linda Noor (eds.) / Ole Jacob Madsen: A Muslim Mother's Fight / Radicalization. Phenomenon and Prevention / Generation Achievement

: A Muslim Mother's Struggle / Radicalization. Phenomenon and Prevention / Generation Achievement

When the self breaks down

Paul Møller: Schizophrenia

: Schizophrenia is still a mystery to researchers, but Paul Møller has given us a knowledgeable book about the phenomenon.

Idealist public history

Jostein Gripsrud (ed.): Allmenningen. The history of the Norwegian public

: Jostein Gripsrud seems to have strayed from what does not fit with the ideal notion of the rational Norwegian public. Such idealism is dangerous.

Human rights of special interest

Andreas Føllesdal, Morten Ruud and Geir Ulfstein (eds.): Human rights and Norway. Legal development, legalization and democracy

: Democracy is weakened by premiss supranational courts, the Power Inquiry stated already in 2003. What about human rights in this picture?