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The Mystery of Vladimir Putin

Sergei Guriev, Daniel Treisman: Spin Dictators. The Changing Face of Tyranny in the 21st Century

SPIN DICTATOR: After dictators left their mark on the 20th century with indescribable crimes, it can be difficult to understand how the authoritarian forms of government have made an apparent return in our time.

A wish – for a new reality

Isaac A. Kamola Duke: Making the World Global. US Universities and the Production of the Global Imaginary

GLOBALIZATION: When the concept of «globalization› took over the academic and political language, and since everyday language, it was not primarily a description of reality that fit into a post-Cold War capitalism, argues new book.

Child soldiers and child terrorists

Mia Bloom with John Horgan Cornell: Small Arms. Children and Terrorism

IS: We can not immediately compare the children from Islamic State with child soldiers, analyzes American terrorist researcher. Many of them no longer consider themselves children. Turning the time back to becoming regular school students again therefore seems almost impossible.

Slum dwellers are displaced to accommodate residential complexes and golf clubs

Arnisson Andre Ortega: Neoliberalizing Spaces in the Philippines. Suburbanization, Transnational Migration, and Dispossession Ateneo de Manila

: In the Philippines, poor villagers are displaced when luxury quarters are expanded to millions of newly arrived, returning foreign workers.