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On the dark side of truth

MEDIA: The struggle for truth – and thus for documentary – has become brutal. A new book analyzes how truth claims and digital culture shape our political realities.

TaskRabbit, Uber, Airbnb and Kitchen Surfing

Platforms: The so-called sharing economy promises freedom to organize one's own working life. Sociologist Alexandrea J. Ravenelle examines the survival conditions of platform workers.

Trump's raucous racist rhetoric

BIOPOLITIK: Does the public notion of order necessitate extreme violence against specific population groups (natives, blacks, Muslims etc.)? May 5000 poor and lost migrants meet by a wall and mobilize 15000 soldiers?

From individual participation to authoritarian politics

POLICY: Does technology development destabilize modern democracies? China can be seen as a positive counterpart to the West.

White and black workers

THE WORKING CLASS: Hegemonic Trump analyzes portray America's working class as white.

Poor people, unite you – across racialization

ECONOMIC DIFFERENCE: In an era when antiracism is being portrayed as identity politics and white poor people are being blamed for Trump, it is helpful to be reminded of Martin Luther King's attempt to bridge the fight against racism and economic inequality.

The technology of yield

Uber's algorithms rewrite the conditions of work, believes technology ethnographer Alex Rosenblat. But the question is whether the app company is not just taking advantage of the existing conditions.