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The capitalist world of images

Kevin Coleman, Daniel James: Capitalism and the Camera: Essays on Photography and Extraction

PHOTO: Is it possible that anti-capitalist expressions are reduced to insignificant gestures and rather become symbols of the immediate consumption of social media?

A shaky diagnosis of a disillusioned youth

Alain Bertho: Age of Violence. The Crisis of Political Action and the End of Utopia

DIAGNOSIS: Does hope lead to disappointment and desperation to terror? With Alain Bertho, we can talk about a presentism, ie a lasting present, without past or future.

Now the robots may no longer be called Frankenstein or R2D2, but Siri, Alexa, AlphaGo or Yaskawa Motoman

Jason E. Smith, Aron Benanav: Smart Machines and Service Work: Automation in an Age of Stagnation, Automation and the Future of Work

GROWTH: Capitalism, through "creative destruction" and technological disruption, created the conditions for a new cycle of economic growth. But now the trend seems to continue towards zero. Is it a vicious circle of global competition, falling prices, overcapacity, technological inertia (rather than innovation) and falling incentives to invest – which is the cause of capitalism's protracted crisis?

To make the order in order

Pablo Sendra, Richard Sennett: Designing Disorder: Experiments and Disruptions in the City

ARCHITECTURE: How can we design big cities where together we can be more alone?

When public welfare becomes dependent on charity

Emma Dowling: The Care Crisis. What Caused It and How Can We End It?

CARE:: The UK is increasingly dependent on the efforts of volunteers to provide citizens with a minimum of care while public services suffer from budget cuts and crises.

Russia without Putin

Tony Wood: Russia Without Putin: Money, Power and the Myths of the Cold War

RUSSIA: One day Putin will leave the Kremlin – but that will not change anything, writes Tony Wood in his book on power and continuity in today's Russia, where he attacks several well-known myths.

Worthy and unworthy lives

Judith Butler: The Force of Nonviolence

SIMILARITY: In The Force of Nonviolence, Judith Butler writes that systematic discrimination is the main cause of all violence.

Together we are less alone

George Monbiot: Out of the Wreckage

: The competitive principle of neoliberalism goes against our nature; it is cooperation that is unique to our species – and cooperation that can save us.

Will dampen the greenhouse effect by manipulating the atmosphere with synthetic emissions

Geoff Mann and Joel Wainwright: Climate Leviathan. A Political Theory of Our Planetary Future

: When climate becomes the main focus of cross-border politics, it is not necessarily good news. Clima Leviathan tries to give a political forecast for the climate crisis.

Racism and class struggle

David Roediger: Class, Race, and Marxism

"Only a radical abolition of the structural conditions for the exclusion of workers – black and white – will be able to slow down the ongoing social exclusion process in the United States," historian David Roediger claims in a new book.

Love the monster

Peter Frase: Four Futures: Life After Capitalism

: "We have no choice but to love the monster we have created ourselves," says social science fiction writer Peter Frase. 

The power of impotence

Franco Berardi: Futurability. The Age of Impotence and the Horizon of Possibility

: We need a new activism – not through revolutionary changes, but through a systematic effort to develop a humane and free society.