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Together we are less alone

The competition principle of neoliberalism goes against our nature; it is cooperation that is unique to our species – and cooperation that can save us.

Will dampen the greenhouse effect by manipulating the atmosphere with synthetic emissions

When the climate becomes the main focus for cross-border politics, this is not necessarily good news. Clima Leviathan is trying to provide a political forecast for the climate crisis.

A perpetual growth curve of incessant technological innovation from Tesla's Elon Musk, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and a host of other tech moguls

Critical settlement with the belief that technology can solve all of humanity's problems in artist and theorist James Bridle's new book.

Racism and class struggle

Only a radical abolition of the structural conditions for workers' exclusion – blacks as whites – could slow the ongoing social exclusion process in the United States, historian David Roediger claims in a new book.

Love the monster

"We have no choice but to love the monster we created ourselves," says social-science-fiction writer Peter Frase. 

The power of impotence

We need a new activism – not through revolutionary change, but through systematic efforts to develop a humane and free society.

The city's psychopathy

All architecture is political, claims the Swedish sociologist Göran Therborn, and praises modernity for its denial of authority.

Hegemony as power and opportunity

Perry Anderson has looked at the concept of hegemony and how it can be used in a politically advantageous way. 

Gone, but missed

Redemption and Utopia tells the story of European thinkers influenced by Jewish Kabbalah, Anarchism and Marxism – a type of thinker who no longer exists. 

Marx in dreams

Marxist humanism can help people feel at home in history, even when history hurts them. 

Alice in Warland

The West has believed in miracles in the Middle East, claims star journalist Patrick Cockburn. 

Headwind revolution

VG commentator Frithjof Jacobsen says in the book Project Prime Minister that "modern politics is not about educating the people and seeking adherence to ideological principles, but about trying to understand what answers people want to hear"

To share is to live 

We all live in the nation Facebook – so we should mobilize a critical understanding of how this nation works. 

Bordered with boundless violence

The state has always tried to prevent people from moving freely and unattached. But isn't man really nomadic in his being?

Above the skyscraper 

The Generic Sublime thinks broadly and ambitiously about a new type of urban architecture. 

Living is enough

With a few sentences, Judith Hermann can strive for a lifetime.