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Flashy Norwegian-supported consumption in Africa

Deborah Posel and Ilana van Wyk (eds.): Conspicuous consumption in Africa

CONSUMPTION AND CORRUPTION: We have not heard much about Luanda Leaks in Norway. Perhaps because it is embarrassing that Statoil paid NOK 420 million to a non-existent research center owned by Angola's state oil company Sonangol, where Isabel dos Santos was director until she was fired in November 2017?

South African identity

PHOTO: The South African photographer Santu Mofokeng recently died at the age of 63. His image essays from the time during and after apartheid, on the other hand, live on.

To show it at once unworthy and worthy

Peter de Vos: Homelands

: INCLUSION / EXCLUSION: A white, South African photographer portrays the efforts to belong to and build up under constant threat of demolition in the informal settlements of the cities.

Where white star lions came down from the sky

TRAVEL ESSAY: The white lions in South Africa became known in the world press in the seventies. But the white man's "discovery" of the white lion has led to these animals now on the verge of extinction.

The bitter legacy of colonial violence

: The "Me Too" movement continues to make its way through the Western world, but the slogans have no echo among African women.

White trash

: People look at the lens, yet it is as if they would rather give way and retreat to the courtyard, to the field, the family, the intoxication, the church, the sleep.

Masterpiece on the history of South Africa

: The history book we needed about South Africa has finally arrived – and it probably could not have been written by anyone else. The story is dramatic, diverse and shocking, but also leaves optimism and hope.

Cape Town – the freedom town in the rainbow country

: This winter, a racism debate exploded in the South African media. Visiting Cape Town is like standing at a crossroads where the ghosts of the apartheid era meet progressive values.