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Achille Mbembe

The destruction, death and militarization of everyday life

NECROPOLITICS: Leaving millions of people to starvation, epidemics, war and flight.

Raw, naked and masculine

Achilles the Dead: brutalism

RACISM?: Before it was the Baroque that seduced Mbembe, now it is brutalism – used as an analytical breaking point to understand Africa and its relationship with Europe.

«The disciplinary community was born out of the great plague epidemics»

Achilles the Dead: brutalism

CONTROL: Today, millions of racialized bodies have been made redundant in relation to the metabolism of capital and are being written into a digitally mediated nexus of exclusion, control and destruction technologies. MODERN TIMES here goes into the topic via author Achille Mbembe in three articles.

"It is 'you whites' who have created 'us blacks'"

Alain Mabanckou (editor): Penser et écrire l'Afrique aujourd'hui Seuil

AFRICAN FAITH FOR THE FUTURE: "It is false to strive for justice 'at home' if one constantly exploits 'over there'," writes one of the contributors in a new anthology about Africa.