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The modern political lie and the political lie

ESSAY: How can it be that some politicians can lie as much as they want, like President Trump, and at the same time be perceived as truthful by their voters? We look at how the philosopher Hannah Arendt defined the difference between the traditional and the modern lie, as the difference between hiding and destroying. And how the truth can be faked because one can finger reality.

Truth in the time of the corona crisis

: BIOMAKT: The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has had several controversial proposals about dealing with the corona crisis. Agamben states that the media handling of the corona crisis in some perverse way has a similarity with the commercial advertising. And warns against a new, despotic security society.

The roots the advertisements omit

: Informative and unambiguous film about the clothing industry's modern slave trade, which stands in stark contrast to the polished advertising images we consume in step with our empty and ever-changing needs.