Theater of Cruelty


"Slowly, word for word – if you want to understand what I'm saying."

DAY SUNSHINE: There are now over 400 pages of critical interpretation and analysis of Dag Solstad's novel literature – from the philosophical journal Agora.

The masses and the people

PSYCHOLOGY: Is it possible to understand why the majority choose a leader or a slave-like existence?

Why populism?

TRUMP: In the latest issue of Agora with populism as its theme, Donald Trump comes out in two variants: in a very personal version (where he owes just about everything he owns) and as a patrimonial leader in a postmodern USA

Foucault and neoliberalism

PHILOSOPHY: Shortly after Agora's magnificent publication on populism, the magazine follows up with an even thicker publication. This time it is about Michel Foucault and his groundbreaking series of lectures on neoliberalism.

Globalization has barely begun

Are the days of globalization over, replaced by a passive distinction between the safe and the supportive?