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The Arab Spring and us – ten years later

ESSAY: The Arab Spring has mainly been a revolt against inequality. What was the result?

You will not get peace even if you are dead

Yaser Kassab: I have seen nothing, I have seen all

THE ESCAPE FROM SYRIA: Yaser Kassab (31) is stuck in a gray suburb of Sweden.

A descent into the world of torture

Dalia Kury: Privacy of Wounds

: SYRIA: In a simulated prison cell, in a basement in Oslo, sit three men from Syria. It is a strong political documentary.

Aleppo's fall from the inside

Nizam Najar: Aleppo's fall

: The fall of Aleppo takes a ground perspective on the Syrian conflict and occasionally comes dangerously close to the drama in Syria's capital. 

One day in Aleppo

Ali Alibrahim: One Day in Aleppo

: How desperate can it not seem to try, as film directors constantly do, to get the world to act, and end the war in Syria? We have met one of those who is fighting this battle.