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second World War

The whistleblower of the Holocaust

World War II: Two people met on the train between Warsaw and Berlin….

A powerful and different beast

Vaclav Marhoul: The Painted Bird

HOLOCAUST: The Painted Bird is a powerful and disturbing film that depicts a young boy's cruel experiences in Eastern Europe during World War II.

Brave soldiers and lost system criticism

Rod Lurie: The Outpost

: Cinema current The Outpost confirms the turn American war films have taken from system criticism of the hero cult.

The lie of our time

ORIENTERING 11. APRIL 1970: April 9 was a result of the Norwegian officer corps' policy of forgiveness and grumpy admiration for Hitler-Germany and all that it stood for, says Major Svein Blindheim in this interview.

Selfies from the Holocaust

Sergei Loznitsa: Austerlitz

: The documentary Austerlitz observes the hordes of people visiting the German concentration camps, as if they were any tourist attraction.

The confessions of an apolitical girl

Christian Krönes / Olaf S. Müller / Roland Schrotthofer / Florian Weigensamer: A German Life

: Goebbels' self-proclaimed apolitical secretary tells his version of historical events. The result is an important document for posterity, but is this all we need?

The Witnesses write

: A writing course for the elderly offers constant surprises, a fearless clarity and concise, precise wording. Ny Tid reproduces here several texts from some of the last time witnesses from World War II.