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Thinking about the planet

Anders Dunkers: Thinking about the planet

ECOLOGY: With the planet as an anchor point, various themes are highlighted here – growth and non-growth, the anthropocene and our understanding of nature, tipping points, disasters and possible futures, geoengineering, fabulous animals and biopolitics.

Ecology as a new form of survival art

Conversations with Anders Dunker: Rediscovering Earth. Ten Dialogues on the Future of Nature

NATURE: A crucial insight is that the fate of endangered species in nature is decided in culture, by human attention and values ​​- as we, for example, overeat and overconsume.

A planet we ourselves have brought into radical imbalance

Julia Adeney Thomas, Mark Williams, Jan Zalasiewicz Polity: The Anthropocene – A multidisciplinary approach

EARTH: Anthropocene means more than writing about ecology, environmental history or global warming. How about the greenhouse effect heating the ocean at such a speed that it is equivalent to pouring a billion boiling teacups into the ocean every second?

The environmental crisis from the perspective of the stars

David Grinspoon: Earth in Human Hand – Shaping Our Planet's Future

: The "mature anthropocene" takes over when we help rather than disturb the fragile climatic equilibrium.

Gentle climate revival

: Rather than perish with shame over the damage we have done to the environment, we must wake up to a mature environmental awareness. 

Attempt to take it all inward

: In Erland Kiøsterud's Hunger and beauty, I feel myself along the fracture surfaces in a broken world, in search of something that can heal it.