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Saudi Arabia needs public relations, but not everything can withstand the light of day

TRANSPARENCY: A country in crisis should become more open, but if the subjects resist, they are thrown into prison and risk torture.

Chaos always triumphs over order

Assange: WikiLeaks is a Puritan illusion.

The importance of leaders

Ny Tid chose to talk to three people about leadership at the Bergen International Literature Festival. A leadership based on finances, fear or autocracy?

A perverted artist portrait?

The documentary The Artist & The Pervert does not tell much about Georg Friedrichs Haas' microtonal contemporary music, but all the more about his sadomasochistic relationship with his wife.

Corruption as stable equilibrium?

Corruption is a major obstacle to the opportunity to solve the most pressing problems of our time – poverty and unhealth, the environmental and climate threat and increasing economic inequality.