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working class

Žižek as a Communist

COMMUNISM: December 7, the Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek comes to Bergen to participate in the Holberg debate. During the debate, he will explain why he is still a communist. He will also be interviewed by the American economist Tyler Cowen.

Inside the "white power" of the United States

Vegard Tenold Aase: Everything you love must burn. Inside the rebirth of white nationalism in the United States

NATIONALISM: In Vegard Tenold Aase's new book, we get to know right-wing extremist groups in the United States, where they deny the Holocaust and believe in a new lease on neo-Nazism.

White and black workers

Joe William Trotter jr .: Workers on Arrival. Black Labor in the Making of America

: THE WORKING CLASS: Hegemonic Trump analyzes portray the working class of the United States as white.

Social class Marx did not predict

Gérard Duménil and Dominique Lévy: Managerial Capitalism: Ownership, Management and the Coming New Mode of Production

: The mode of production of our time has not two, but three classes: the capitalists, the working class and the leaders. 

New anarchism for a new time

: Information control and militarization, labor rights, liberal globalization, climate and environmental policy, international and international solidarity are central themes in both recent and 150-year history of anarchism.