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Living in the true sense of the word

Gro Lauvland: Community architecture – rebellion!

ARCHITECTURE: Christian Norberg-Schultz's emphasis on local art has helped shape generations of architects. Can we build better than we do today?

At the top of Hitler's wish list

Despina Stratigakos: Hitler's Northern Utopia: Building the New Order in Occupied Norway

BUILT NORWAY: Nazi Germany's plans for Norway were extensive. We were to become part of the Great Germanic Empire. In the years 1940–1945, large parts of Norway were a construction site.

«The disciplinary community was born out of the great plague epidemics»

Achilles the Dead: brutalism

CONTROL: Today, millions of racialized bodies have been made redundant in relation to the metabolism of capital and are being written into a digitally mediated nexus of exclusion, control and destruction technologies. MODERN TIMES here goes into the topic via author Achille Mbembe in three articles.

Short film program about the Y-block and the vulnerability of architecture

: short Film Festival

ARCHITECTURE: Two films about the Y-block have, under the cover of the ongoing demolition, become both documentation of ideological fluctuations and mourning hymns over a lost time.

The parliament voted against postponing the demolition of the Y-block

Y-BLOCK: "The seminar must end", said Nicolai Astrup (H) in the Storting today, referring to the fact that the Y-block must now be fully discussed. MODERN TIMES follows the fate of the Y-block.

Y-block in infinity light

ARCHITECTURE: The state ministry building, the Y-block, has a reputation for being the ugliest building in Oslo. It has been hated for its brutalist aesthetics. But how much do we, or the state itself, really know about the construction and thinking behind the Y-block?

Arrested and put on smooth cell for Y block

Y-BLOCK: Five protesters were taken away yesterday, among them Ellen de Vibe, former director of Oslo's planning and building department. At the same time, the Y interior ended up in containers.

The Y-block: The tragedy of the nation

ARCHITECTURE: Do not let our elected representatives complete what the terrorist bomb failed to do.

Small rooms can fill big people

Boris B. Bertram: The Human Shelter

: We all seek a roof over our heads, but when do we really feel at home?

The city's psychopathy

Goran Therborn: Cities of Power. The Urban, the National, the Popular, the Global

: All architecture is political, claims the Swedish sociologist Göran Therborn, and praises modernity for its denial of authorities.

Above the skyscraper 

Cyrus Najle: The Generic Sublime

: The Generic Sublime thinks broadly and ambitiously about a new type of urban architecture. 

A future cast in concrete

: The hated concrete is about to be restored – both architecturally and sculpturally.