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Arne Næs

Green system change and circular economy

ESSAY: In order to safeguard our livelihoods, we should move away from a system that continually demands that we become more efficient, productive and profit-maximizing.

The Norwegian double standard

Peder Anker: The Power of the Periphery. How Norway Became an Environmental Pioneer for the World

ENVIRONMENTAL PIONEER: The story of the history of Norwegian environmental thinking is an ambivalent portrait of Norway's imagined role as an environmental nation.

The nature of man's blind zone

Arne-Johan Vetlesen Routledge: Cosmologies of the Anthropocene

A GOOD NATURE?: In the philosopher Arne Johan Vetlesen's new book, environmental problems are a symptom that our way of thinking is completely wrong. Do we need to open up to the fact that everything around us is animated?

Living in the Earth Ecosystem

: The notion of nature as the source of harmony is deep in the ecological movement. Do we now need new stories about our species' survival?

Bjørneboe: When Arne Næss and I conquered NATO at Kolsås

: The story of a Norwegian non-violent action.