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Surrealistic self-making

: Interview: The Akademie der Künste archive in Berlin recently opened with an exhibition of German Ginka Steinwachs' installations. On that occasion, Ny Tid had a conversation with the surrealist poet.

Norwegian in German

Ebba Drolshagen: Instruction manual for Norway

: 60 Germans have been entertained by a humorous Norwegian book that no Norwegian publisher wants to know about.

The dark echo of colonial history

Rita Indiana: The maid of Omicunlé

: Seen from the Dominican Republic, neither technology nor black magic can avert the climate catastrophe.

The art of suffering for the arts

: To Stay Alive – A Method. Director: Erik Lieshout with Arno Hagers and Reinier van Brummelen

: The film adaptation of Michel Houellebecq's essay on the suffering artist is a strikingly profound cultivation of the romantic artist myth. 

Extreme artist's mirror

Marina Abramovic: Walk Through Walls

: Marina Abramovic's autobiography is as uncompromising and confrontational as her performance art.

Five scenes from Berlin

Julian Rosefeldt: Manifest

: Does the series of manifestos throughout history have validity today? After hearing "chameleon" Cate Blanchett quote historical manifestos via 13 different characters, the answer is yes.