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What about surveillance in the digital culture revolution?

Thomas Hylland Eriksen: The planet of apps – how the smartphone changed the world

Big tech: The planet of apps is probably one of the richest things you can now read about how we humans "sew together" with communication technology. But what about surveillance?

Why populism?

: Agora, Nos. 1–2

TRUMP: In the latest issue of Agora with populism as its theme, Donald Trump comes out in two variants: in a very personal version (where he owes just about everything he owns) and as a patrimonial leader in a postmodern USA

Foucault and neoliberalism

Now: Agora Nos. 3–4

PHILOSOPHY: Shortly after Agora's magnificent publication on populism, the magazine follows up with an even thicker publication. This time it is about Michel Foucault and his pioneering lecture series on neoliberalism.

Why does Islam need a sexual revolution?

Seyran Ateş. Translated by Kari Bolstad: Islam needs a sexual revolution

ISLAM: At a time when the fear of Islam is spreading, Seyran Ates writes that Islam needs a sexual revolution to gain respect from the world community.

A tribute to the strong immigrant mothers

Shazia Majid: Out of the shadows

CONTEMPORARY HISTORY: Out of the Shadows tells of the fierce struggle for equality of immigrant mothers who followed their husbands to Norway in the hope of a better life, but who were met with xenophobia, racism and prejudice.

The real-life literature

Eldrid Lunden: It's just a matter of time. Calendar poem 2014–2018

: Genuine and personal collection of poems from Eldrid Lunden.

Athens: On the plain within the four mountains

Several: PHILOSOPHICAL JOURNAL: Agora – Journal of Metaphysical Speculation

: The latest issue of the philosophical journal Agora presents a collection of texts written by Freud, Derrida and Heidegger, among others, under the title Athens. It is a very ambitious and interesting project.

Masterful biography of André Bjerke

Peter Normann Waage: André Bjerke: In the joy of the fight

: The polemicist who goes crazy drunk, but who never fails verbally, the competitive man and the energetic re-dictator. And over it all shines a golden humor.

To shape world citizens

Immanuel Kant: About pedagogy

: Kant's pedagogy shows us what is at stake in child rearing: the civilization of humanity

The fathers have fought, the mothers are right 

Camilla Fossum Pettersen: Togetherness Sabotage. Norwegian fathers share their stories

: The book Samværs-sabotasje can be recommended to anyone who is concerned about the children's best interests.