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nuclear war

On paved paths

COMMENT:: Could our military and political leaders wake up and take action against a fate far more serious than the pandemic that has hit the world?

The abyss of peace

ORIENTERING 22. FEBRUARY 1969: Report from Iron Mountain is a scary satire that hits American social sciences and the armaments industry. The research report is a fictional document that shows what would happen if peace broke out, and concludes in a sober scientific language that war is a necessity for our social system. In this way, the book – which has now been published in Norwegian as Fakkel-bok fra Gyldendal – can also be read as a shocking revelation of habitual thinking and war preparations. The Danish author Carl Scharnberg chooses to read the book as an authentic and serious document and gives in this article a summary of the «research results».

"You may not be interested in the war, but the war is interested in you."

Jon Hellesnes: NATO complex. About military policy, nuclear weapons and Norwegian US service

NATO: With his new book The NATO Complex, the philosopher Jon Hellesnes enters the glorious dissident tradition after Luxembourg and Liebknecht.

12 questions to our new Foreign Minister

: Today's flare-up of the nuclear war threat has once again put Korea on the agenda. For 67 years, the Korean Peninsula has been in a devastating war involving the world's great powers.

The upcoming war against China

: The United States conjures up an image of itself as the heroic country that can save the world from an "increasingly aggressive China". At the same time, more than 400 US military bases surround China with rockets, bombers, warships and, above all, nuclear weapons.