Theater of Cruelty


The Y-block: The tragedy of the nation

ARCHITECTURE: Don't let our elected officials complete what the terrorist bomb failed.

Mladic behind lock and turn, but the Balkans still on the bare ground

The Trial of Ratko Mladic is an informative documentary that lays the controversy of the war crimes tribunal.

A call for politicization in the Balkans

A new anthology does not ask, but to what extent the religious teaching in the Balkans is politicized. The editors, however, fail to argue what politicization means at all.

To return to the Balkans

Two documentaries portray people who for various reasons had to leave the former Yugoslavia. For equally different reasons, they also return.

Burlesque and war history from the Balkans

The Balkan New Film Festival is coming soon to Oslo and Bergen. The program features both wild comedies and serious war dramas.

Freshwater pearl about the Bosnia war

Reading Faruk Sehic's novel is like washing off the gray dust of everyday language and the sweaty smell of political dichotomies.