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visual arts

Why there is something and not just nothing

Venice: This year's Art Biennale in Venice feels like the end of a human-centered era, a time where man with his invulnerability, self-sufficiency, the white man as the center of the world is under attack. Now it is the woman's turn to ask the big questions, about the sanctity of life, about connectedness, about man and technology, about what comes after "man".

Portrait of an art thief and his girlfriend

Benjamin Ree: The artist and the thief

THEFT WITH TURN: The artist Barbora Kysilkova makes a surprising inquiry to one of the Norwegian thieves who stole her valuable paintings.

People avoid seeing the hurt in the world

: Ny Tid has met an artist who wants to show people what they do not want to see: the dark sides of man.

Great moments of imperfection

: Guttorm Nordø stages our experience of being in the world – as if we had just arrived at it.

Photographs extended in time

: PHOTO ART: The most interesting thing about Fiona Tan's exhibition is the question of how the self is expressed through photographic images.