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Mutual solidarity

Pablo Servigne and Gauthier Chapelle: Mutual Aid – The Other Law of the Jungle

Reciprocity: Competition and cooperation are like nature's yin and yang, claim two French biologists. Today, recent biological and psychological research on reciprocity is based on both biochemistry, game theory, empirical examination of symbiotic relationships and the new sociobiology's theories of group selection.

The animated paradigm

Deborah Levitt: The Animatic Apparatus

TECHNOLOGY: What can we say about the ever-increasing technological and state-of-the-art sphere we live in? Animations and simulations appear more and more as "living organisms", while biological life has increasingly become "artificial".

Paradoxical book about birds

Jim Robbins (Translated by Gunnar Nyquist): The wonderful world of birds

: We are many who love the birds and feel a closeness to these beautiful, flying creatures. Jim Robbins is one of them, and with the love of birds as a backdrop, he has written the book The Wonderful World of Birds.

Human – too human

Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson: The planet of insects

: A book about the strange and wonderful insect world, and about everything you can experience there. Join the underground to the shit beetle, and up in the air with the dragonfly.

The wonderful new world of biology

: DNA research, stem cell research and developments in modern medicine and biology have set minds on fire. But as always, it is better to know than to think.