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"Why do you read so much?"

PHOTO: We do not need bookstores just to buy books… Photographer Horst Friedrichs has photographed places that are filled with books.

MODERN TIMES: Quarterly magazine next!

It was time to settle, now in our sixth year for today's MODERN TIMES. Not only is the world changing with a pandemic (see otherwise in the newspaper), but the public has also changed dramatically over the past decade.

Beyond the limits of reason

Is there an opportunity for experiences that go beyond reason, and can these be called meaningful?

Foucault's tool box

Foucault's concepts are a brilliant overview for Foucault enthusiasts.

The book requires a certain appetite for the theme

Martín Caparrós rages at the fact that billions of people go to bed hungry every night. 

It is easy to arrange election campaign trips to the western edge and point the nose at the rich. But their gardens are also ours – they take care ...

I do not follow NRK's ​​historical reality success, Anno, where people are set to live in Fredrikstad around the year 1700. But on P2's ...

Patrick Cockburn: The Rise of the Islamic State

A book about ISIS that has a military more than a religious focus.

John-Andrew McNeish and others: Contested Powers

Contested Powers, with case studies from Latin America, shows how energy resources and political power are interconnected.

Bengt Jangfeldts: A Russian History

Ole Robert Sunde follows folk artist Bengt Jangfeldt's futuristic journey along the Soviet 1970 century.