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"Why do you read so much?"

Stuart Husband: bookstores

PHOTO: We do not need bookstores just to buy books… Photographer Horst Friedrichs has photographed places that are filled with books.

MODERN TIMES: Quarterly magazine next!

: It was time to settle the status quo, now in our sixth year for today's MODERN TIMES. Not only is the world changing with a pandemic (see otherwise in the newspaper), but the public has also changed drastically in the last decade.

Beyond the limits of reason

: Is there an opportunity for experiences that go beyond reason, and can these be called meaningful?

Foucault's tool box

: Foucault's Concepts is a brilliant overview work for Foucault enthusiasts.

The book requires a certain appetite for the theme

: Martín Caparrós is furious at the fact that billions of people go to bed hungry every night. 

Patrick Cockburn: The Rise of the Islamic State

: A book about ISIS that has a military more than a religious focus.

John-Andrew McNeish and others: Contested Powers

: Contested Powers, with case studies from Latin America, shows how energy resources and political power are linked.

Bengt Jangfeldts: A Russian History

: Ole Robert Sunde follows the futuristic journey of the educator Bengt Jangfeldt along the Soviet 1970s.