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civil wages

Meaningless work

Dennis Nørmark, Anders Fogh Jensen: Pseudo-work – how did we get busy doing nothing

WORK: Why are some "incompetent" employees deliberately set to do meaningless tasks? And are all the leaders as important as their high salaries suggest?

The pandemic and its societal implications

Renata Avila and Srećko Horvat: Everything Must Change! The World After Covid-19

COVID-19: In a newly published interview anthology about the pandemic, Roger Waters says that war and climate change are killing us faster than anything else, but the breathing pause that began in March 2020 may still open up other alternatives. At the same time, the entire anthology presupposes digital technology – for which we can all be grateful.

Can We Learn Something About An American Salary?

Ingeborg Eliassen, Sven Egil Omdal: Borger Payroll. The idea that changes the game

MODERN TIMES: brings in connection with the summer and the newspaper's editor an excerpt from the book Borgerlønn.

Citizens' pay or negative tax?


The new glue of society

Ingeborg Eliassen and Svein Egil Omdal: Borger Payroll. The idea that changes the game

: Would a monthly sum from the state to all the adults of society revive the feeling of community between the citizens?

Peace, freedom and everything for free

Ruther Bregman: Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There

: Utopia for Realists combines the best of the utopian tradition with practical and sensible thinking.

The machines are coming

Calum Chace: The Economic Singularity. Artificial Intelligence and the Death of Capitalism

: Authorities around the world must take action to prevent mass unemployment and societal collapse, Calum Chace believes.