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Can the forests come crawling back?

NATURE: Afforestation is the cozy climate solution everyone likes. Fred Pearce believes it is far more important to fight logging and rather let the forest grow back on its own. He points out that with 25 per cent more trees, these would be able to pull as much as 200 billion tonnes of CO000 out of the atmosphere – enough in itself to keep us below the target of a 2 degree temperature rise by 1,5.

Everything of value is destroyed in the jungle of Borneo

The demise of the rainforest on Borneo has led to great progress and increased wealth – for the few. What do you do about it?

The battle for the rainforest

The Borneo Case is a "modern thriller" that shows how billions of dollars from illegal logging of rainforest are laundered by international banks. The filmmakers worry that mechanisms for punishing environmental crimes are lacking.