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French warriors and Norwegian soldiers in the Sahel

Nathaniel K. Powell: France's Wars in Chad: Military Intervention and Decolonization in Africa

SMALL: No one in the Norwegian government can have read Nathaniel Powell's new book France's War in Chad: Military Intervention and Decolonization in Africa. Had they done so, they would never have sent Norwegian soldiers to the French military force Takuba in Mali.

The Norwegian double standard

Peder Anker: The Power of the Periphery. How Norway Became an Environmental Pioneer for the World

ENVIRONMENTAL PIONEER: The story of the history of Norwegian environmental thinking is an ambivalent portrait of Norway's imagined role as an environmental nation.

The power of mobilization

Lisa Mueller: Political Protest in Contemporary Africa

: Political opposition in Africa is led by middle-class individuals, while the poor gather in the streets.

A modern view of Africa

Nic Cheeseman (ed.): Institutions and Democracy in Africa: How the Rules of the Game Shapes Political Developments

: The anthology presents 13 texts written by several renowned Africanists. Editor and Professor Nic Cheeseman succeeds in his goal of offering a new and modern understanding of the African state.