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An ever-creeping feeling of loneliness

Daniel Schreiber: allein

ISOLATION: Acute loneliness hits both winners and losers. Daniel Schreiber quotes from famous hermit literature – such as Thoreau's Walden and Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. But what does social withdrawal mean today – be it caused by profession or pandemic?

Germany 50 years after the student riots

Gretchen Dutschke / Rudi Dutschke / Elisabeth Zöller: 1968. We are proud to dare / story is feasible. Texts about the prevailing falsehood and the Radicality of Peace / Change the World! The Life of Rudi Dutschke

: Much is unclear about the role of key players in the German '68 uprising. Therefore, a black-and-white interpretation of the era will never be correct. 

The Child Mafia in Naples

Roberto Saviano: The clan of the children

: Roberto Saviano's latest novel is no fiction. It is a realistic report about a society that to date has not been able to grasp itself.