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Spear tactics and the camouflage of rights

Clifford Bob: Rights as Weapons. Instruments of Conflicts, Tools of Power

: ABUSE OF POWER: Human rights and law in general are a positive value that can, however, end in cynical manipulation. New book perspectives the concept.

Spain's fascist shadow sites

: Spain's Juan Carlos I was without his own property when he became monarch in 1975. In 2012, his fortune was estimated at 1800 million euros. Where does all the money come from?

Heading for a new Northern Ireland?

: The battle for Catalonia could be the start of an insoluble conflict. 

Spain's anarchist roots

: Spain's anarchist history may explain why anarchist underground movements are strong in the country. Classical anarchists also inspire alternative social organization.

Catalan separatists and anarchists are still fighting

: One year after the referendum in Barcelona, ​​100 people are still fighting for a future republic. New Time recently met a leading separatist, asking him why.

A violent solution 

: Already weeks before the referendum on Catalonia's secession, Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy began to show muscle. On Catalan National Day on September 11, he declared that he would do "everything" to stop it.