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Elektra – the child who would be cleansed of pain

ESSAY: Sophocles' Elektra asks the question: what happens to a human being who fails to formulate for himself who her revenge is directed at and why? Is it the need for revenge that drives us, the urge to punish someone who has ruined for us? And what about young, religious terrorists today who, out of love for the "ruler," perform cruel rituals and rites?

Gaza is like mercury

GAZA: Can the proposed US solution with land redistribution and an expansion of the Gaza Strip end the conflict in the Middle East?

Children on hunger

CRISIS: The situation in Gaza is desperate, especially for children, where basic services are disintegrating at the same rate as the economy.

When life has to move on

Dag Johan Haugerud: Children

NORWEGIAN GAME MOVIE: With Venice-relevant Children, Dag Johan Haugerud draws a thought-provoking and empathetic portrait of Norwegian society, in one of the strongest Norwegian feature films in several years.

Molenbeek seen through children's eyes

Reetta Huhtanen: Gods of Molenbeek

BARNETRO: Gods of Molenbeek is a very good example of how to introduce all kinds of thoughts about God, gods and eternity to a young audience.

Put the kids in the drawer

: Norway has taken a serious step back when it comes to children's rights, and we are moving dangerously towards participating in a "race to the bottom". It's time to take responsibility.

The eyes closed for the future

: The flow of the month for abo: The dream of a lost homeland is the only thing the refugees have left, as they are portrayed in this documentary. How can one then face the future?

The childless orphanage children

Ingjerd Tjelle: Care and abuse. Meetings with orphanage children.

: A broad review of orphanages in Finnmark in the 1900th century. The book unfolds the abuse of children who are left behind for what is practiced in concentration camps for adults. With God's blessing.