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Are you a "communist"?

: My namesake Truls Øhra's new book, The History of Power (478 pages, Solum Bokvennen), is a thorough and revealing review of abuses of power as opposed to solidarity communities. Let me start via a first point:

Towards a united humanity

Alain Badiou: I Know There Are So Many Of You

: We live in the middle of a world historical drama where the revolutionary hope must be maintained. Only in this way can we build civilization for everyone, claims the philosopher Alain Badiou.

The war and the collective memory

Frode Faroe Islands: Enemy or ally? The communist resistance movement in Norway

: Who writes the story? The communist resistance struggle during the war had long been doused.

The art of renewing an enemy image

Frode Faroe Islands: Enemy or ally? The communist resistance movement in Norway

: Both in Norway and among the allies, there were forces that wanted the Communists stronger in the resistance struggle. But the later leaders of the Labor Party kept them out.

Communism as entrepreneurship

Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri: Assembly

: A revolution today must be about the oppressed having to take power in a new way, not about private property rights and national identity.

Person cult and left-wing radicalism

Dmitry Bogolubov: The Wall

: On December 21, every year, an endless number of Russians lay down red carnations to pay tribute to their hero Josef Stalin. But who lays down carnations for the millions he made sure to kill?

Communism beyond ideological images

: DOK Leipzig October 30 to November 5, 2017 60th International Leipzig Festival of Documentary and Animated Film

: «Spatial images are society's dreams. Where the hieroglyphs in these images can be deciphered, one finds the basis for social reality. "

Che is dead

: ...

To the youth nowadays 

Alain Badiou: The True Life. A Plea for Corrupting the You

: The aging Alain Badiou has written an advanced confirmation speech about existential anguish as an opening towards a better society. 

Explosive and jargon-heavy about contemporary art

Mikkel Bolt: The metamorphosis of contemporary art

: The metamorphoses of contemporary art are perhaps too interesting.

A Communist Manifesto

: Can Karl Marx still show us some ways forward 168 years after the book came out?