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Deputy wars' hidden interests

Eli Berman, David A. Lake: Proxy Wars. Suppressing Violence through Local Agents

: PROXY WARS: The United States and Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia have an indirect involvement in conflicts that are something quite different from conventional warfare.

Gaza: A silk thread separates life from death

ISRAEL-PALESTINA: For people in the Gaza Strip, hope is running out.

Class struggle or nationalism?

Joseph Confavreux: Le fond de l'air est jaune. Comprendre une révolte inédite

YELLOW VEST: The speed with which Macron has been burned out testifies to how deep a crisis the national democracies in Europe are in.

Post-traumatic growth

Gudmund Waaler, Gerry Larsson, Sofia Nilsson: Violence and life-threatening – Norwegian and Swedish war experiences from Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN: Does field priest and researcher Gudmund Waaler have anything new to add in a new book about soldiers' reactions to being at war?

Get the Defense home!

: Party leader Bjørnar Moxnes emphasizes to Ny Tid why Rødt has four new proposals to the Storting this month. Red wants to reverse the authorities' eagerness to take part in wars of aggression.

Is peace in the Central African Republic?

: The parties to the conflict in the Central African Republic have signed a peace agreement. This is not the first time warring parties in the country have done just that, and it will hardly be the last.

The conflict in Ukraine

Sergei Loznitsa: Donbass

: Loznitsa's film explores disputes over facts raging in the Donbass, between Ukraine and the Russia – backed People's Republic of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

Politics, spirituality and religion under the sun of Africa

Jean-François Bayart: State a religion an Afrique Karthala

: Religion is given far too much place in analyzes of African conflicts, says political scientist Jean-François Bayart.

Everyday challenges in a pro-Russian battalion in Ukraine

: Their Own Republic caused a bit of a stir at the Lisbon Film Festival last year, due to the film's somewhat pro-Russian stance. Nevertheless, it provides an interesting insight into a side of the Ukrainian conflict that is rarely mentioned in Western media.

An eternal revolutionary

Francisco Marise: Para la guerra / To War Director

: In a Cuba that is slowly moving further and further away from communism, a Cuban veteran is stuck in the past.

No more Russian heroes

Alexandr Rastorgujev: Electing Russia

: Electing Russia sheds a depressing light on the opposition in Russia. Do they really represent a real change, for the benefit of the people?

Europe needs security for Russia, and security with Russia

: What can the Western bloc do to improve the cool relationship with the great power in the east, asks Manfred Huterer, diplomat at the German embassy in Warsaw. Is an open dialogue and mutual respect between the West and Russia possible?