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Israeli prisons are in conflict with international law

: In protest against imprisonment without law and sentence, inhumane conditions and physical and mental abuse, Palestinian political prisoners go on hunger strike.

propaganda War

: The United States intensifies sanctions against Venezuela and calls the country "a security threat". A failed strategy, according to Latin American researchers.

The Gaza children do not play like others

: A seven-year-old in today's Gaza has experienced three brutal wars. But bleak prospects also create violence among Gaza children.

FIVE prisons

: It's time for the international community to stand up to save Israel – away from its own mental prison.

Black gold may be the end of the peace process

: The Norwegian company Seabird is involved in oil exploration outside the occupied Western Sahara. If they find oil, it's bad news for the Sahrawis.

Afghanistan's uncertain future

: One year after the elections in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani is looking for possible alliance partners and negotiating a peace agreement with the Taliban.

Norwegian military equipment behind the attack in Yemen

: All the five countries that bomb Yemen have bought military equipment from Norway. But the parliamentary majority will not tighten the rules for arms sales.

Goodpitch: NGO meets doumentar

: Profitable hunting of Brazil's rainforest, pollution and changed living conditions in the Faroe Islands, and violence in South Sudan.

Afghanistan's schoolgirls lose

: Girls' schools will be the losers when the aid money disappears. It predicts Ehsanulla Ehsan, the founder of one of the most successful education projects for women in Afghanistan.

Norway must support the initiative to ban nuclear weapons

: Everyone realizes that the road to a world free of nuclear weapons is still long, but a ban under international law on making, storing, threatening and using such weapons will put an end to the nuclear powers' domination of the nuclear weapons discourse.

The lies of the warlords

: In this text, John Pilger writes about a "Faustian pact" between war-torn elites that downplays the dangers of Western, modern fascism – aided by propaganda disguised as news.