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The Norwegian forces in Iraq

: This winter, the debate over whether Norway should send troops to Iraq or not has broken down, or it should at least have done so. Most people have witnessed the horrific ravages of ISIL and want to stop them, but there has been strangely little discussion about choosing strategies to achieve this.

IS: A United States-created monster?

: IS apparently arose from nothing and suddenly had an army that made Iraq's own evaporate like water in the desert. The war the United States and the Gulf states have started against IS, seems to lack both tactics and strategy – at least if the intention is to fight the organization.

The United States is pushing Norway

: USA presser sine allierte for å hindre oppslutning om et forbud mot atomvåpen, ifølge det japanske nyhetsbyrået Kyodo. «De vil kvele forslaget i fødselen,» sier Nei til Atomvåpen.

The big divorce

: The difference between man and woman is today greater than ever in history, claims an American political scientist.