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How can we help the Syrians?

Rania Abouzeid: No Turning Back: Life, Loss, and Hope in Wartime Syria

: War reporter Rania Abouzeid secretly entered Syria, and stayed there for several years. No Turning Back is the story of four Syrians and three cities, and the story of a defeat.

The new culture of uncertainty

Mary Kaldor: Global Security Cultures

: Mary Kaldor's research shows that the security strategies of those in power maintain and aggravate wars rather than stop them, and create good conditions for war profiteers.

What does NATO really want?

: According to our government, the major NATO exercise taking place in Central Norway these days will give us a sense of security. But does the course NATO has staked out in recent years give a sense of security?

A thought-provoking and certainly probable explanation for the subsequent developments in the Arab world

Fawaz A. Gerges: Making the Arab World. Nasser, Qutb, and the Clash that Shaped the Middle East

: Secularists and Islamists played on the same team before the power-hungry and vain president Nasser sowed enmity and strife, claims a new book.

A tragic chapter in Norwegian history

: Not many had expected the Petersen committee to criticize Norway's role in the Libyan war, but the committee's report is still less critical than expected. It all remains a sad story.  

In Gandhi's footsteps 

: The Indian activist and philosopher Vandana Shiva is now visiting Norway at the Globalization Conference.

Mobilizes before Norway's largest military exercise 

: Several mobilization meetings are now being organized against the NATO exercise Trident Juncture around Norway. "There is an increasing build-up of militarism in Europe, and it is dangerous," one of the peace activists told Ny Tid. 

"Norway has become a war nation" 

: Philosopher Jon Hellesnes comments on Norway's contribution to NATO.

From folk hero to dictator 

: Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega is more and more like his violent and dictatorial predecessor. 

A dark spot on the map

Jamal Mahjoub: A Line in the River. Khartoum, City of Memory

: The Sudanese author Jamal Mahjoub's A Line in the River gives a complex picture of why so much has gone wrong in Sudan.

Parallel life in the West Bank 

Avner Faingulernt: In the Desert: Omar's Dream and Avidan's Dream

: Avner Faingulernt's two film portraits are a reminder that a birthplace can make the difference between heaven and hell.  

When the Syria warriors return home

David Thomson: The Returned. They Left to Wage Jihad, Now They Are Back

: Hundreds of European young people have traveled to take part in the war in Syria – some have since returned. In the book The Returned, the French journalist David Thomsons claims that many of these take jihad home again and try to explain to us how and why.