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#CorruptToo – new give in the fight against corruption?

: Two thirds of all countries in the world are struggling with serious corruption problems. It shows Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2017 which was launched this week. 

Corruption as stable equilibrium?

: Corruption is a major obstacle to the ability to solve the most pressing problems of our time – poverty and ill-health, the environmental and climate threat and growing economic inequality.

Cambodia wipes its tears

: For the first time in 20 years, the ruling Cambodian People's Party is now seriously challenged in the elections in early June.

Anti-corruption and assistance in vulnerable states

: Norway should continue to be a spearhead in the fight against corruption.

Eva Joly: "Norway stands alone in Europe"

: She has been called crazy, icy and revolutionary by the French establishment, and is a seasoned participant in Europe's most important political arena. Ny Tid has met Eva Joly.

Tax Justice: We'll try again

: What happens to the work against tax havens in Norway after the Panama Papers scandal? If we look at the work in three important areas, we get a certain overview.

Dystopian Mafia Soup

: The deadly violence comes so close to us that it causes physical discomfort. The dark basic theme of the film does the same: the joy of undermining the population's belief in the good in man.

African problem – global solutions

: When more than a billion kroner disappears in illegal capital flight from Africa every single day, it is a problem that requires international cooperation. 

Killed in Russian prison?

Andrej Nekrasov: The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes.

: This documentary has received enormous attention – before it was seen. But what reality is hidden?

The knight of visibility

: The flow of the month for abo: The story of the whistleblower Hervé Falcani puts the finger on two central but conflicting values ​​in the information society.

Two Panama Vaccines for Business

: With leaked documents, the world has been shown a stark side of the activities of politicians and wealthy individuals, which is about the secrets of tax havens and money derived from corruption, tax evasion and other economic crime.