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The depressive as society's seismograph

Mikkel Krause Frantzen: A future without a future. Depression as a political problem and the alternative narratives of art

: To regain faith in the future and the ability to steer clear of the collapse of the world, we must begin with imagination.

The fake refugee

Kristian Husted: Vahid

: The theater man Kristian Husted goes undercover as a refugee, but unfortunately gets too little out of the transformation. 

A pattern refugee

Emil Langballe: The Wait.

: Rokhsar Sediqi is 14 years old, lives with his family in Denmark and has been waiting for a residence permit for four years. But what could have been an important and humane account of her fate is jarring.

A political paradox

: In Denmark, cannabis users will be kept in the old role of addicts and criminals.