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digital technology

Together for life

SYMBIOSIS: We must think differently about both man and computer. Their being is more entangled than we think, and both change and adapt to each other.

Technology for good and for bad

TECHNOLOGY: During the Sundance film festival and at the Berlin, several films with technology were shown as a central part of the action. What does technology do with us?

Digital climate impact

climate crisis: We are on our way into a crisis that is due to over-exploitation of resources, polluting and power-intensive production as well as an overriding market power.

The digital wealth makes us poorer

NEW MEDIA: Jay David Bolter gives a thorough description of today's digital culture, where technology makes it easy to create and shape digital communities that users fill with unpaid content.

Women's place in the digital revolution

Men have better access to digital technology – women risk falling behind in the new labor market. But technology can also promote equality.