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Where are we going now?

: Is globalization an evil that should now be fought? No, it's more nuanced. We who have an international orientering looks with fear at how international cooperation is now weakening with the pandemic.

The lie of our time

ORIENTERING 11. APRIL 1970: April 9 was a result of the Norwegian officer corps' policy of forgiveness and grumpy admiration for Hitler-Germany and all that it stood for, says Major Svein Blindheim in this interview.

National DNA register under the radar?

: Should blood samples from all newborns be stored forever? This is the proposal from the Ministry of Health and Care Services, which has recently been consulted on.

Disagreement about health data

: The Health Data Committee recommends the establishment of a national platform for health data, under dissent. Completely wrong focus, says leader of the Norwegian Association for Medical Genetics.