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In the borderland between fiction and truth

Stephane Kaas: Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story

: Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story is as playful as the man it portrays. 

The struggle for survival

: British filmmaker Kim Longinotto is making documentaries about rebellious outsiders, in which women fighting for their own survival are the celebrated protagonist.

A tribute to nothing 

Boris Mitic: A Praise of Nothing

: Boris Mitic 'In Praise of Nothing's is probably the most unusual documentary you will see this year.

Revisiting the Cultural Revolution

Tracy Dong: In Character

: Tensions rise and tears in common as we follow young Chinese actors as they are trained as Mao Zedong's Red Guards and relive the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

A painful catharsis

Sofia Haugan: HUMAN 2018: DAUGHTER (My heart belongs to daddy)

: Sofia Haugan will make an all-night documentary about her father who is a drug addict. But first she must find him. 

Inside the captive psyche

Jairus McLeary and Gethin Aldus: HUMAN 2018: The Work

: In California, there is a program that allows the imprisoned zone of peace of mind.

A cry for Syria

Evgeny Afineevsky: Cries from Syria

: "The same can happen anywhere in the world," says Evgeny Afineevsky, who with Cries from Syria gives a strong and easy-to-understand picture of the war years the country has been through.

Why not Sanders?

Lionel Rupp, Michael David Mitchell. Switzerland: A Campaign of their Own

: Why did Bernie Sanders not win in the candidate election? Swiss documentary reveals astonishing system failure in the American electoral system.

I Am Not Your Negro: The Necessity of Examples

Raoul Peck: I Am Not Your Negro

: We can all learn something about the attention and truthfulness of James Baldwin. 

Tribute to a struggling legend

Bob Hercules and Rita Coburn Whack: Maya Angelou: And Still In Rise.

: The African-American multi-artist Maya Angelou turned all adversity into wisdom and poetry.

Burlesque and war history from the Balkans

: Balkan New Film Festival coming soon to Oslo and Bergen. The program includes both wild comedies and serious war dramas.

Documentaries that will change the world

: We are facing a new wave of documentaries that are not content with showing reality. They want to create real social change, far beyond the traditional showrooms.

The righteous war

Bernard-Henri Lévy. France: Peshmerga.

: As a source of stability in the region, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters can get more support for their liberation struggle, believes the controversial philosopher and documentary filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy.

A periphery so peripheral that it is inconceivable

Simon Stadler: Ghost Country.

: Ghostland is an anthropological documentary and road movie of high artistic quality – but the relationship of trust between the filmmaker and the audience is eroding.

Letter to an unhappy painting

: Reflections. Director / script / producer: Sara Broos

: Streaming film of the month: Sara Broos' Reflections is a picturesque portrait of the director's artist mother, and thematizes both the deep connections and the painful barriers that family relationships are often characterized by.

Family therapy in five acts

Pawel Lozinski: You Have No Idea How Much I Love You.

: Stream movie of the month: What is really behind the word «love»? Two women meet at a psychotherapist. In an intimate dialogue between these three people, the past gradually comes to the surface.

Need to tell

Zaradasht Ahmed: Nowhere to Hide.

: A Norwegian film finally won at the world's largest documentary film festival in November – documentation of everyday life in Iraq, seen through the camera lens of an ordinary citizen who himself ends up as a refugee.

Presidents as deserved

: The films Primary, Millhouse: A White Comedy, The War Room & Return of War Room, and By the People: The Election of Barack Obama

: A series of documentaries about presidential campaigns from Kennedy to Trump can help us understand more about how to seduce people – or lead them off the edge.

Strong and long-awaited testimonials

: By documenting the little-known international law case against Iran, the documentary provides an important and outrageous insight into the current regime's systematic violation of human rights. 


: A number of documentaries make their mark in investigative journalism. This is a genre that is currently downgraded in a number of newspaper editorial offices, where hundreds of journalists have been laid off in recent years to fill up the shareholder dividend. 

On the way to genocide?

: Norwegian authorities must decide what role they want to play in Burundi: Violence is increasing, and trends from the massacres in neighboring Rwanda are repeated. The West is also responsible for the increase in ethnic conflicts.

Susan Sontag: The Complete Rolling Stone Interview

: To be alive, one must feel and think, transcend oneself. For Sontag, intellectual commitment was primarily borne by this urge for formation and self-transcendence.

Movies that speak into the world

: The European Film Prize LUX can be interpreted as a propagandistic EU project – but perhaps the prize also contains a way to activate the art of film and increase the chance that the films can contribute to the ongoing public debate.

The violence of silence

: Four women fight to break the silence about the past in the war-torn country of Chechnya.

Hannah Arendt as a refugee

: Hannah Arendt's realizations about the existential impossibility of escape are burningly relevant, and constitute a basic premise in the documentary about the philosopher who himself fled to Paris in a politically polarized time.