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The art of moving

WITH HUMAN DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL: The Norwegian documentaries Ibelin and Ukjent landskap, both of which have made a strong international impression, tell moving stories about special individuals – but at the same time provide enriching perspectives on our social life. Both films give heartwarming portrayals of a person who is no longer alive, but who has left a strong imprint.

What I'm talking about when I talk about pictures

PHOTO: I took the gaze of anthropology into the camera lens, it became my optics. The experience of several years in San Francisco, or the experience of having a little brother with schizophrenia – what does that mean for the pictures?

The self-medication of complacency

BJØRNEBOE FILM: Is it the freedom we are afraid of? asks film director Terje Dragseth.

Skinless exposure

Anorexia: shameless uses Lene Marie Fossen's own tortured body as a canvas for grief, pain and longing in her series of self portraits – relevant both in the documentary self Portrait and in the exhibition Gatekeeper.

Homo politician: From Paris to Baku

DOCUMENTARY: DocLisboa has a tradition of highlighting new talent. This year's festival was no exception.

The filmmaker's distinctive look

REGI: Filmmaker Elke Werry has traveled to distant corners and realized documentary film projects for over thirty years.

Herzog: "Facts do not constitute the truth"

HERZOG: The acclaimed German film director Werner Herzog talks about his latest film Meeting Gorbachev and warns against expressing the truth in precise terms.

The houses we were, the cities we are

Two important documentaries that demonstrate the potential of the short film format and highlight the diversity of today's documentary film narratives.

War for peace 

War for Peace shows strong footage from the line of fire in a conflict without winners.

Witness the fencing of his own sex

Arab Film Days: A vivid and genuine portrayal of a political fiery theme, where the pre-pubic, tough little sister acts as an extension of the audience's gaze. 

On the way to genocide?

Norwegian authorities must decide what role they want to play in Burundi: violence is increasing, and trends from the massacres in neighboring Rwanda are repeating. The West is also responsible for increasing ethnic conflicts.