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Infection tracking, monitoring and consequences

Surveillance: How much freedom do you really have, if your movements are restricted by a corona pass and you get fired if you refuse to be vaccinated?

Defense speech for the small eyes of the airspace

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick: The Good Drone, How Social Movements Democratize Surveillance

AIR SPIES: Drones are not only the tools of power, but also of counter-power. They can be airspace hackers and can be used in the good service.

"You are my creator, but I am your lord – obey!"

FRANKENSTEIN: About killer drones, artificial intelligence and Frankenstein. It has become easier to fight – and more dangerous. If, or when, the machines themselves take over, humanity may suddenly be on the wrong side of the table.

The destruction, death and militarization of everyday life

NECROPOLITICS: Leaving millions of people to starvation, epidemics, war and flight.

Out of control


Artificial intelligence or human whims?

Hannah Fry: Hello World! How to Be Human in the Age of the Machine

: Mathematician Hannah Fry has explored the shortcomings and possibilities of artificial intelligence. A fruitful division of labor between machine and human is possible – and necessary, she believes.

Drone God

Sylvain Cruiziat and Mila Zhluktenko: Find Fix Finish

: Find Fix Finish shows the director's personal perceptions of drone technology.

Good drones

: ...

Drone Dilla

: Civil society must take ownership of drone technology, says Anders Eiebakke, currently with the exhibition The drones are coming!