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How China and Japan were integrated into today's completely unsustainable global capitalism

Mark W. Driscoll: The Whites are Enemies of Heaven. Climate Caucasianism and Asian Ecological Protection

EAST ASIA: Mark W. Driscoll tells, among other things, concrete stories about drunken, arrogant, hyper-violent and rape-cultivating diplomats, missionaries and businessmen.

The joy of the work of others

Salomé Aguilera Svirsky: The Process Genre. Cinema and the Aesthetic of Labor

DO IT YOURSELF: Author Salomé Aguilera Svirsky dissects and refines a visual genre we know but have not learned to appreciate.

Seducers love majority decisions

Kristoffer Momrak, Johan Huizinga, Aristotle, translated by Tormod Eide, Hannah Arendt translated by Per Qvale Solum, Kojin Karatani: The Metropolises of the Middle East, The Destroyed World, Politics, About Revolutions, Isonomia and the Origins of Philosophy

IDEA HISTORY: Is Greece more of a cultural periphery in the Middle East than the origin of our modern democracy? Aristotle believed that the Phoenicians in Carthage, like the law – isonomia – had a better democracy than Athens – the so-called cradle of democracy.

The borderland is militarized

Miguel Díaz-Barriga and Margaret E. Dorsey: Fencing in Democracy. Borderwalls, Necrocitizenship, and the Security State

NECRO STATE CITIZENSHIP: There has been a lot of laughter at Trump's "beautiful" wall, but the borderland between the United States and its neighbor to the south has been militarized and cut up by fences and walls for more than a decade.

The dirty work

Neda Atanasoski, Kalindi Vora: Surrogate Humanity. Race, Robots, and the Politics of Technological Futures

: TECHNOLIBERALISM: Here are discussions about everything from robotization of manual labor over so-called sharing economy to artificial intelligence, automated warfare and technological emotional and sex work.

Madness, visions, cynicism and pragmatism

Göknel Günel: Spaceship in the Desert. Energy, Climate Change, and Urban Design in Abu Dhabi

: «GREEN GROWTH»: Ethnographer Gökçe Günel has followed the development of the planned carbon-neutral Masdar City Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates – funded by this one of the world's most oil-dependent governments.

In a world of delusions

Jeffrey Sconce: The Technical Delusion. Electronics, Power, Insanity

PSYCHOSES: Jeffrey Sconce has written a nerve-wracking, empathetic and crunchy matter-of-fact page turner about the connections between technology and madness.

The non-feminist women advocates of the Eastern bloc

Kristen Ghodsee: Second World, Second Sex. Socialist Women's Activism and Global Solidarity during the Cold War

WOMEN'S MATCH: American liberal feminists love to hate Kristen Ghodsee, who rewrites the history of women's struggle from the Eastern Bloc perspective.

Cinematic revisionism after the post-Cold War

Dai Jinhua (ed. Lisa Rofel) :: After the Post-Cold War. The Future of Chinese History

: Feminist cultural critic icon Dai Jinhua delivers poignant contemporary diagnoses through film reading and historical analysis in a new collection of essays.

Water management mismanagement

Matthew Vitz: A City on a Lake. Urban Political Ecology and the Growth of a City

: The water sources of Mexico City, one of the world's largest cities, are running dry. This is the story of a foretold disaster.

Teknotid and human time

Melissa Gregg: Counterproductive. Time Managem ent in the Knowledge Economy

: New fashion's apps that will make us more productive through planning and efficiency, continue a two hundred year long tradition of self-help literature about the same.

Historical migration as a vantage point to modern China

Shelly Chan: Diaspora’s Homeland. Modern China in the Age of Globalization

: 20 million Chinese emigrated between 1840 and 1940. Shelly Chan analyzes modern China in a diaspora perspective and expands our understanding of China and history.