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animal Protection

The Georgian dogs

: Join Georgia, where street dogs are served ice cream and cheese bread and receive the necessary medical treatment at state veterinary clinics.

No breeding time for predators anymore?

: The government continues the pet hunt on Norway's critically endangered animals. A proposal for extended hunting time for wolves – from 25 September to 30 April – has just been out for consultation. Here, the Ministry of the Environment signals that they think it is okay to hunt animals during the breeding season.

One woman, three passions 

: helene grimaud

: Pianist, author and animal rights activist Hélène Grimaud is one of those who overshadows many of us. In his own words, an inhuman. On March 10, she will play in Oslo. 

The people against the coat cabinets

: Cold days with frostbite and ice on the roads. Winter is here, and we bring out our warmest clothes. Fortunately, there are few mink and foxes that enclose the bodies in the street scene. 

No "calm" until the cages are empty

: FrP, Høyre, Sp and KrF ensured this year that fur animals continue to live in cages on Norwegian fur farms. And the Minister of Agriculture asked the parliamentary groups from the AP, V, SV and MDG not to "undermine" the growth of the fur industry.


: For the 12th time in a row, the UN has declared that Norway is the world's best country to live in. This does not apply to the wolf.