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Palm increases Vietnam support – US economic reprisals?

ORIENTERING 11.10.1969: After Sweden has decided to provide comprehensive financial support for the construction of North Vietnam, the US sanctions start a new round.

The profit hunt price

Ton van Zantvoort: Sheep Hero (Sheep Hero)

SOCIAL CRITICISM: The pursuit of profit forces the Dutch shepherd Stijn out of his comfort zone. Honest work is no longer enough – today you have to have sharp elbows.

The unbearable ease of the Libya war

LIBYA: After the Jan Petersen Committee's report on the Libyan war in September 2018 – and after the Storting's lack of reactions – several academics are upset.

Dead and living metaphors

Kristin Fridtun: The language is a trouser. About car use in Norwegian language debate

LANGUAGE DEBATE: How can the metaphor be tested against factual knowledge?

White and black workers

Joe William Trotter jr .: Workers on Arrival. Black Labor in the Making of America

: THE WORKING CLASS: Hegemonic Trump analyzes portray the working class of the United States as white.

The abyss of peace

ORIENTERING 22. FEBRUARY 1969: Report from Iron Mountain is a scary satire that hits American social sciences and the armaments industry. The research report is a fictional document that shows what would happen if peace broke out, and concludes in a sober scientific language that war is a necessity for our social system. In this way, the book – which has now been published in Norwegian as Fakkel-bok fra Gyldendal – can also be read as a shocking revelation of habitual thinking and war preparations. The Danish author Carl Scharnberg chooses to read the book as an authentic and serious document and gives in this article a summary of the «research results».

Poor people, unite you – across racialization

Sylvie Laurent: King and the Other America. The Poor People's Campaign and the Quest for Economic Equality

ECONOMIC INequality: In an era where anti-racism is being demarcated as identity politics and white poor are accused of blaming Trump, it is helpful to be reminded of Martin Luther King's attempt to bridge the gap against racism and economic inequality.

The crisis when it comes

: The next financial crisis will not be like the previous one.

The technology of yield

Alex Rosenblat: Uberland. How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work

: Uber's algorithms rewrite the conditions of work, says technology ethnographer Alex Rosenblat. But the question is whether the app company is not just taking advantage of the existing conditions.

Over-matured economy

Alan Nasser: Overripe Economy. American Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy

: In his new book, Allan Nasser takes a useful confrontation with the myth of the United States as the country where anyone can realize their dreams.

The patent laws create an intellectual monopoly

: Today's patent rules are outdated and prevent innovation and the spread of technology, claims Zia Quereshi, former head of development economics at the World Bank. Is it time for a patent reform?

Man should enter into a contract between the living, the dead and the unborn

Per Stig Møller: The Four Icebergs: The world's greatest challenges

: Denmark's former Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller has authored a book on the world's challenges. It is dystopian, but Møller also comes up with suggestions for solutions.