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The age of the investor and the investor

Michel Feher: Le temps des investis. Essai sur la nouvelle question social

To be or not to be creditworthy – that is the question in the era of investment capitalism.

ZERO and the Nobel laureates

If you are one of those who think exhortations about environmental destruction are well exaggerated, you should not read on.

The power of mobilization

Lisa Mueller: Political Protest in Contemporary Africa

Political resistance in Africa is led by middle-class individuals, while the poor are gathering in the streets.

A growth economy is cracking

Louis Augustin-Jean and Anthea HY Cheung: The Economic Roots of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. Globalization and the Rise of China

The Hong Kong demonstrations in 2014 may have been as much about a lack of economic opportunities as a lack of democratic rights.

Depression for revolution

Mikkel Krause Frantzen: A future without a future

Art can break the cracks in the culture and help reverse the current state of depression. 

International secrecy

The world owes Africa money, and we know why. We even know the solutions. The only thing missing is a politician who wants to collect the victory, writes the Joint Council of Africa.

The alternative cryptonations – Governance 2.0

Cryptoanarchists around the world are developing "bitnations" – virtual communities based on blockchain. New Time met Bitnation's founder, Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof. What drives her to create such online communities?

Our future with bitcoin and blockchain

Are bitcoin, crypto and blockchain a hype that will burst? Cryptocurrency purchases are not impossible to track.

Who owns Oslo?

Transparency International will survey who owns Oslo and assess the extent to which the owners bring corrupt luggage. 

Secure payment through blockchain

Swedish startup company Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment paves the way for the first worldwide agreements on Video on Demand (VOD) services, which use blockchain technology to secure and simplify cryptocurrency payments.

Indifference as an act of war

Mathieu Roy / Matthieu Rytz: Dispossession / Anote's Ark

Two Canadian films dissect the destructive forces of capitalism unleashing in the world and present how the market is a very suitable tool in the regulation of economic, social and political activity. 

The indebted man 

Mikkel Thorup: You owe it! About moral and financial debt

Being indebted has become our time of being human.